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 Hourly Blitz 50m  2
 Hourly Bullet 30m  15
 Marcus  2+0 Rated 20m  2/4
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  1. Games start with no pieces mCoombes314 There is an update being loaded... don't know when things will be back […]
  2. Games start with no pieces chunkymonkey It's the new stealth version!
  3. Games start with no pieces goldilocks Yup...no pieces, tried cache clearing etc.
  4. Games start with no pieces Lindhorst Today I started a couple of games, and the chess board showed no piece […]
  5. board problem solomons19 when i am challenged no pieces appear on my board
  6. Stockfish did not report any i […] thibault It's the latest Stockfish, and it spends 3 second on each move. It's a […]
  7. Stockfish did not report any i […] keshavprasad Or is it because Lichess spends less than a second on a move for stock […]
  8. Stockfish did not report any i […] keshavprasad Hello All, I played this game against an anonymous user who pl […]
  9. "Blind" match moi373737 I don't really think that this is important you mustn't look the name […]
  10. "Blind" match Jaaaaaaaake I really like this idea.
  11. Force resigning civitar I know the force resignation is annoying sometimes for who is winning, […]
  12. MAD GAME !!! zaf888 assess my game guys http://ru.lichess.org/f8WBwgRc#33
  13. WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH […] kris9191 In my opinion - the winner is........... Владимир :-) and the new wor […]
  14. MAD GAME !!! Kr0n0s recovering after blunder http://en.lichess.org/QJDngQ2A/black#0
  15. Puzzles TraderLynch If you're training, the goal *should* be to find the best move.
  16. MAD GAME !!! mCoombes314 The king as an attacking piece : http://en.lichess.org/ROjQmKg5/black# […]
  17. Force resigning acetaminophen A computer can't know the reason why you disconnected, but it can tell […]
  18. Puzzles Vethiz Bah, who cares about? Even being free...
  19. Puzzles chess240 Sorry, but I don't agree. The puzzles say "Good move but you can do be […]
  20. Force resigning Saptarshi10 Yeah it happened with me........... I had a winning position, and my o […]
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