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Viac » Otvorené turnaje
Daily Blitz 1h 30m 6
Hourly Bullet 26m 2
Staunton ¾+1 Anti Rated 2h 12
Ruy Lopez 2+0 Rated 25m 4
Pomar 4+2 3check Rated 1h 1
Rossolimo 3+2 Anti 1h 1
Viac » Simultánne exhibície
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  1. Lost a game "Black left the ga… ProgramFOX If there was a "Reconnecting" message, there was most likely a connect…
  2. No credit for mate in 5 instea… DaanNoordenbos But then the Puzzel is to find the fastest way.
  3. Lost a game "Black left the ga… variants http://en.lichess.org/2GyZjWoDk6u5 My opponent offered a draw after…
  4. Feature request to add persona… ebrankoftis Great idea, it would be cool to be able to add comments in a PGN file
  5. No credit for mate in 5 instea… jinman2718 Recently I tried this puzzle: http://en.lichess.org/training/20318 a…
  6. Feature request to add persona… arandomuser Add an input box to the game analysis feature so people can comment on…
  7. Great attack while losing the … JustTraining http://es.lichess.org/HNSQpYuO/black I didn't see 6.Bxg7, my mistak…
  8. Why don't we just make the bis… Frapator in this game of mine, my black bishop is worth a full point : http://…
  9. Why don't we just make the bis… worstplayerever73060 A pawn that mates is superior to the most beautiful queens. IMO pie…
  10. Puzzle 38554 is wrong. Mukherjeereader You are right. Perhaps the puzzles are embedded along with solutions. …
  11. Which is the hardest puzzle on… Mukherjeereader Does anybody know which is the hardest puzzle in lichess? Thanks in a…
  12. CR: Allow not switching sides … TinchoVM I've been through the same situation. It would be great to have a wa…
  13. Puzzle 38554 is wrong. Poubelle Hello, I report a wrong puzzle. http://fr.lichess.org/training/38554…
  14. Centipawn Loss Aditya_Basu OMG ,,how can it be 0 Centipawn loss?
  15. which side will win ? DeltaPsi -4.5 is an advantage of 4.5 pawns for black. Normally (it's not this s…
  16. New icons and boards for liche… DVRazor Image not found.
  17. New icons and boards for liche… morgot Hello everybody! I have drawn new icons (as base I took classic shape)…
  18. which side will win ? electragks you mean its must win situation for black ???
  19. Which opening to choose? traps… LM Lightsss it all depends on your opponent and the stakes. in general take risks …
  20. Centipawn Loss Kilgour22 Ah okay, thank you!
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Autumn Marathon Tournament

Announcing the second edition of the glorious 24-hour chess marathon!

100,000,000 games played

Exponential growth!

Developer update

Conditional premoves for Correspondence chess players, and more goodies!